Manufacture Quality with Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

When you need help delivering reliable products and components, ATE allows you to improve your manufacturing quality. G Systems specializes in creating small-to-large ATE systems that are highly reliable, accurate, and supported. From validation and verification in R&D to production line testing in manufacturing, we have the right expertise to provide you with custom ATE to fit your needs, budget, and requirements.


Our tenured test system engineers use their diverse set of engineering skills to collaborate and overcome complex electrical, mechanical, software, and hardware challenges. We stand out from the competition because we’ve been designing and building simple-to-sophisticated ATE systems for over 25 years. Our team of engineers have acquired the skills to handle every detail of your ATE build—from design to implementation to testing and installation—and provide you with a complete, turnkey solution.


Customize your ATE to meet your challenges and needs

Our comprehensive portfolio of ATE solutions allows us to tailor-make your system to fit your unique needs--including integrating with your existing test hardware and analysis software.


G Systems also can equip your system with an automated self-test so you have confidence that your system is reliably testing every time. Because accuracy is important to you, we diligently test your system before shipment and installation to ensure specified test coverage is met and to reduce the probability of a downtime event.


ATE Solutions:

    • End of Line Functional Test
    • Product Verification
    • Factory Accelerated Life Testing
    • Component Testing


Examples of our work:


Additional Resources

Case Study: Performing a Multi-Million Dollar Upgrade for the U.S. Navy’s VLS


missile release.png

See how G Systems upgraded an aging automated custom test fixture for the U.S. Navy’s MK 41 vertical launching system (VLS) with an ATE that has more than 300 analog channels and provides a full wrap-around self test that covers more than 800 points. Continue Reading




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build vs buy wp image.png

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Making the decision whether to build your next test system 

using in-house resources or external contractors can be difficult. This white paper discusses the key questions and ramifications to weigh, as well as what kind of help and risk mitigation you can expect from a qualified system integrator. Download Now




Whitepaper: Developing Scalable Automated Test and Measurement Systems



The most common mistake made in the design of test and measurement systems is to focus on the hardware and software while ignoring infrastructure issues such as data storage, deployment, and scalability. Learn the proven approach to test and measurement system design that produces scalable, flexible solutions. Download Now



signal_conditioning-1Blog: Preserving Signal Integrity Through High-Quality Measurements and Signal Conditioning


Often, the act of performing a measurement on a signal can alter the signal. For example, your measurement instrument could cause extra current to flow between the device under test (DUT) and measurement tool, resulting in a signal that is slightly different than the original output. Continue Reading

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