Ralph Hutson | August 02, 2018

How to Develop a Rugged, High-Speed Streaming Measurement System

16 Channels at 1 Million Samples per Second per Channel Simultaneously 

Fortis Testing in Lubbock, TX, contacted G Systems to develop a high-speed streaming system for capturing pressure waves generated by explosions during structural blast testing. Requirements included 16 channels, fast sampling and the ability to trigger high-speed cameras with configurable delays to record video documentation of the explosion.

G Systems’ solution is a rugged, high-speed streaming measurement system with the ability to collect 16 channels at 1 million samples per second simultaneously.

Jeremy Marquis | July 10, 2018

The Easy Way to Add a Web-Based User Interface for Your Test System

Web accessibility is more important than ever, as people across an enterprise require remote access to different types of data from their monitoring, control, or automated test systems. Traditionally, reviewing information outside of a test machine required creating and installing individual data-viewing utilities on multiple machines, or hiring a web programmer to create a mobile data application. But now there is an easier way.

Dave Baker | June 19, 2018

Dynamic Customization of User Interfaces Using LabVIEW

Chances are, there are multiple people interacting with your test and measurement systems, each with their own job functions requiring access to different information at different times. Wouldn’t it be great if each of these users could customize the user interface (UI) themselves, even if they don’t know how to program?

James Duvall | June 07, 2018

G Systems Run Test Demo With SystemLink Debuts at NIWeek 2018

The new solution supports numerous production lines across multiple locations


G Systems recently debuted an end of run test demo created for customers who manage numerous production lines across multiple locations. Our solution can help companies become aware of potential manufacturing line problems before they become major catastrophes.

Amy Principe | May 30, 2018

G Systems Named a NI Partner Migration Services Provider

G Systems was recently recognized by NI for our ability to migrate and upgrade applications


G Systems was recently appointed as a NI Partner Migration Services Program provider. One of only ten NI Alliance Partners currently chosen as program providers, G Systems has been a member of the NI Alliance Partner Network since 1991. This recognition comes after many years of G Systems’ successful hardware modernizations, software upgrades, and test systems future-proofing.

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