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James Duvall | April 09, 2019

Manage Obsolescence Appropriately By Determining the Severity of Your System’s Issues

When an obsolescence issue occurs, typically the first thought is that the entire system may need to be replaced. Since a system replacement is time consuming and costly, and there is always a need to minimize downtime, quick Band-Aid-type fixes are usually performed just to get the system running again. These fixes typically do not address the underlying problems, and multiple occurrences of downtime will begin to add up. Despite common concerns that the entire system may be too old to continue, there are cheaper options than a full redesign.

James Duvall | March 05, 2019

Don’t Let Obsolescence Sneak Up On You: How to Identify the Signs

Whether they know it or not, system obsolescence is a big issue many organizations are facing today. But, like squeaking brakes, test and measurement systems typically develop warning signs when they are on the verge of obsolescence.

James Duvall | November 27, 2018

Ensuring Long-Term Product Quality Through Efficient Accelerated Life Testing

Accelerated life testing is an important process to ensure products continue to function as intended throughout their entire lifecycle. To perform this process as quickly as possible, accelerated life testers (ALTs) can be used to conduct tests in parallel using multiple testers. This way, potential problems in a product can be identified much more quickly than if a product had to be tested under normal use conditions. Engineers can then use the data collected by the ALT, as well as the nature of the actual failure, to improve the product and increase longevity.

James Duvall | June 07, 2018

G Systems Test System Management Dashboard With SystemLink

The new solution supports numerous production lines across multiple locations. Watch the video.


G Systems recently debuted an end-of-line test demo created for customers who manage numerous production lines across multiple locations. Our solution can help companies become aware of potential manufacturing line problems before they become major catastrophes.

James Duvall | May 03, 2018

Video: Upgrading a Custom Test System for the U.S. Navy’s MK 41 Vertical Launching System

The U.S. Navy needed new automated test systems to support their MK41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) missile upgrades. From requirements, G Systems designed and built a new ATE with full wrap-around self-test coverage and a built in self-calibration routine.