Amy Principe | July 27, 2017

On-Demand Webinar: Meeting Critical Application Requirements Using Hybrid Development

Did you miss our Webinar last week? It’s now available on-demand. Tune in to hear G Systems director of engineering Russell Blake and National Instruments senior systems engineer Andrew Heim discuss how to build a test system that maximizes software reuse and minimizes the need for custom code using NI VeriStand and TestStand.

During this Webinar, we dive into a real-world application: a test system G Systems created for a leading aircraft manufacturer. We discuss 11 critical application requirements, from state machine-based code modules to event tracking and deterministic acquisition rates, and detail how we addressed each one with a hybrid development approach.

We also discuss the benefits of software reuse in a test cell and how you can speed development time and achieve a fully integrated solution without reinventing the wheel.  

View the recorded Webinar to see proven development techniques you can use in your next test system.

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