Laura Barnett | December 11, 2018

LabVIEW User Group Coding Challenge Competition Winners

In  October G Systems hosted the Dallas user group’s first LabVIEW coding challenge ever!!  There were three rounds of stiff competition.  The first coding challenge was implementing an Atbash cipher.  It took a little while for the competitors to warm up but they rolled their sleeves up for the round two challenge, finding numeric palindromes.   By the time round thLabVIEW Onsite Conference October 2018 (29)ree began competitors in the room were borrowing laptops to “test” their LabVIEW skills.  Could they solve the Mixtape Challenge?  Who would wind up the overall winner?  Who would end up completing all challenges with the fastest time?   

The winners (pictured above) were Andy Fenley (2nd place), Michael Taylor (1st place), and James Duvall (3rd place)LabVIEW Onsite Conference October 2018 (20)
LabVIEW Onsite Conference October 2018 (20)

Jeremy Marquis, G Systems Technical Lead made the competition fun and engaging.  Thank you National Instruments for sponsoring this challenge.  Reviewing the group’s solutions, it was interesting to see and learn that the challenges could be solved in a myriad of different ways.  Stay tuned for the next #LabVIEW User Group Meeting in early 2019. 


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