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Ralph Hutson | March 26, 2019

Preserving Signal Integrity Through High-Quality Measurements and Signal Conditioning

Often, the act of performing a measurement on a signal can alter the signal. For example, your measurement instrument could cause extra current to flow between the device under test (DUT) and measurement tool, resulting in a signal that is slightly different than the original output.

G Systems | March 06, 2019

Measuring Success: We Are Growing Our Team

A universal metric for business success around the world is the ability for a company to hire new talent.

James Duvall | March 05, 2019

Don’t Let Obsolescence Sneak Up On You: How to Identify the Signs

Whether they know it or not, system obsolescence is a big issue many organizations are facing today. But, like squeaking brakes, test and measurement systems typically develop warning signs when they are on the verge of obsolescence.

Dave Baker | February 25, 2019

Three Tools for Managing Your High-Channel-Count Test Systems

When it comes to high-channel-count test systems, maintaining the system and data collected can be extremely difficult if you do not have the right tools to simplify and manage the process. Organizations often try to cut corners because it can take just as much time and resources to develop the right management tools as it takes to develop the actual test applications.

Lynda Harrell | February 21, 2019

Celebrating Engineers Week

Each February, Engineers Week brings an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the meaningful impact engineers have on the world. As a business owner with a team of engineers integral to our business, I see daily how engineers apply knowledge, talents, and instinct to make a meaningful impact on the world.