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G Systems | June 19, 2020

LabVIEW Live Recap: Effectively Leveraging SystemLink APIs and Tools

Our June 17 LabVIEW Live was another great success. The event started with a sneak peek by Mark Black, Principal Product Owner at NI, of some new features coming in SystemLink and was followed with a presentation by Omar Mussa, Avionics Lead Test Engineer at Virgin Orbit, and James Duvall, Senior Project Engineer at G Systems, on real-world examples of leveraging SystemLink APIs and tools.

Jeremy Marquis | March 05, 2020

Dallas LabVIEW User Group Meeting Recap + Coding Challenge Winners Announced

The Dallas User Group Community came together at G Systems in February for a LabVIEW User Group meeting, hosted in Richardson. We're proud to announce our competition champions.

Brian Kincaid, Texas InstrumentsDerrick Bommarito, Halliburton Energy Services | Mark Randel, SpaceX

This year’s LabVIEW User Group meetings kicked off with a competitive coding challenge. There was laughing, trash talking, frantic coding, and most importantly, learning more about solving problems using LabVIEW. 

The competition consisted of three challenges and was completed in a timed format, racing one another to the finish line. During and after each challenge, competitors had the opportunity to share screens and consider new ways to problem solve. New approaches and new LabVIEW functions were takeaways from the meeting.  

One challenger chose to do text string manipulation. While solving the same problem, another challenger converted the text to character codes to manipulate numerically. Still another revealed how to enable a feature on a common function to allow for regular expressions.

While we all learned from each other, the winners left with bragging rights and medals. Join us in April and get involved with our Dallas User Group Community!

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Jeremy Marquis | February 10, 2020

Feb 26 LabVIEW User Group

The Dallas User Group Community is coming together for the next LabVIEW User Group meeting. We’re getting excited and counting down the days until February 26 from @ 11:30AM to 1PM. The meeting will be hosted at the G Systems office in Richardson.

This will be a live competition of three challenges, so bring your laptop (and mouse!) so you can join the game. The fastest solutions that meet the requirements win. Block diagram cleanup is optional, and friendly trash talking is completely acceptable!

Solutions will be reviewed together on the big screen. Everyone can learn from how others think and how functions can be applied in unexpected ways.

All are welcome! Even if you don’t compete, attend and rethink the way you engage problems.

Laura Barnett | October 07, 2019

October 9 LabVIEW User Group -  The Best of the Best: Topics from the 2019 CLA Summit

Join us 10/9 @ 11:30 AM for the Richardson LabVIEW user group meeting, hosted at G System's office in Richardson. We will be sharing the best of the topics, discussions, and future directions from this advanced LabVIEW software engineering conference. Learn about new developments in the ecosystem, including engineering principles, emerging designs, proven toolsets, and practical methods to improve your team’s performance.