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Mike Taylor | July 09, 2019

Developing a Custom Life-Cycle Test Platform for Recaro Aircraft Seating

To ensure the functionality and safety of its aircraft seats, Recaro Aircraft Seating, a leading global aircraft seat manufacturer, needs to perform numerous life-cycle tests. Each life-cycle test requires specific setup conditions and various instruments and actuators to simulate a lifetime of wear and tear inflicted on aircraft seats. 

Russell Blake | June 20, 2019

Developing a Portable, Rugged Natural Gas Compressor Tester

In the natural gas pipeline industry, testing compressor efficiency is essential. With the data collected from this testing, engineers can determine how engines at various sites need to be adjusted to maximize efficiency.

Dave Baker | April 30, 2019

Ensuring Reliable Connections in Your High-Channel-Count Systems

When investing in the development of automated test equipment (ATE), you want to be sure you are not creating a system that is difficult to modify as changes to your test requirements or devices under test (DUTs) occur. Thus, it is wise to develop a system using a common core approach that is flexible, easy to reconfigure, and can interface to multiple types of DUTs.

Ralph Hutson | March 26, 2019

Preserving Signal Integrity Through High-Quality Measurements and Signal Conditioning

Often, the act of performing a measurement on a signal can alter the signal. For example, your measurement instrument could cause extra current to flow between the device under test (DUT) and measurement tool, resulting in a signal that is slightly different than the original output.

Laura Barnett | December 11, 2018

LabVIEW User Group Coding Challenge Competition Winners

In  October G Systems hosted the Dallas user group’s first LabVIEW coding challenge ever!!  There were three rounds of stiff competition.  The first coding challenge was implementing an Atbash cipher.  It took a little while for the competitors to warm up but they rolled their sleeves up for the round two challenge, finding numeric palindromes.   By the time round three began competitors in the room were borrowing laptops to “test” their LabVIEW skills.  Could they solve the Mixtape Challenge?  Who would wind up the overall winner?  Who would end up completing all challenges with the fastest time?