G Systems has more than two decades of experience in electronic design in a wide variety of industries, from mission-critical aerospace electronics to complex renewable energy applications. We’ll work alongside your team on every aspect of design, from documenting the requirements to final assembly.  

Circuit Design and Schematic Capture

Our engineers work as part of your design teams – or if needed, serve as your design team – to document engineering requirements and develop design schematics for printed circuit board (PCB) development.

We have expertise in part selection and vendor sourcing. Or we can work with your sourcing team to choose from your organization’s pre-approved vendors and suppliers.

Once we’ve gained approval on all aspects of the design, we provide native CAD files, PDFs, bills of materials (BOMs), and printed copies as necessary. These files also can be used to create the physical PCB or printed wiring board (PWB) assembly.


Mechanical and Board Layout


electroniccircuit_design.jpgOur designers also can help convert electrical designs to physical layouts. We can import your designs, or develop the design with your team using traditional or custom PCB shapes.

Based on your requirements, we will advise on all aspects of the board layout, including board stack, layer count, thickness, PCB materials, finish, and color. Our highly skilled PCB and mechanical designers will ensure the design meets packaging requirements and is tested for manufacturability (DFM) to ensure it can be fabricated, assembled, and packaged to meet your design intent.

When the design is approved for manufacturing, we’ll generate all files for PCB fabrication and PCB assembly manufacturing using surface-mounted and/or through-hole technology.


PCB Assemply

We also can work with you and a PCB designer to set mechanical requirements for integration and assembly into commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or custom packaging. Based on your requirements, we’ll ensure proper placement of user I/O, display, user access, rack mounting, cooling requirements, custom engraving, or silk screening.

We’ll test the final product and integrate it into the approved package design.

For electronic design, we have expertise in
• OrCAD®
• OrCAD® with PCBEditor®
• SolidWorks® / CircuitWorks®
• DraftSight®


PCB Types:

Our engineers have experience ranging from simple 2-layer boards up to multi-layer boards, standalone PWBs and multi-card backplane systems. Past projects have included high voltage power delivery and load designs, precision analog circuitry, high-speed digital I/O designs including FPGAs, user interface (GUI) systems, and RF test fixturing.

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