The energy market includes oil/gas exploration and production as well as power generation and distribution. We are a leading provider of solutions for automated test and measurement, field monitoring and test tools, production automation, emission data acquisition, production quality monitoring systems, and control systems. We provide test and measurement systems as a turnkey service and can also partner with clients throughout project development.


G Systems Products Designed for Oil and Gas Applications

We designed and developed a computer controlled Automated Gage Measurement System (AGMS) built specifically for oil production sand screens for verifying and certifying the wire wrap slot spacing. The AGMS enables API 19S1 and ISO 17824:2009 measurements. Learn more information about the AGMS

Another product designed for oil and gas applications is the G Systems Valve Leak Measurement System (VLMS), a self-contained counting instrument for automated leak detection. 


The G Systems Valve Leak Measurement System (VLMS) reliably measures slow leaks that are unidentifiable with conventional leak detectors, helping manufacturers test and ensure that critical valves are absolutely airtight. Learn more about the VLMS.

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