Complex Systems with Reliability and Scalability Built-In

When it comes to test systems, large and highly complex systems are not equal to standard, low-channel-count systems. They require specialized knowledge and expertise to ensure long-term, reliable results. For these highly complex applications, data must be collected from multiple sensors that might be spread across a large area. Converting to a complex, high-channel-count system is not as easy as adding more channels--you also must take into account configuration, synchronization, data transfer, and calibration.


Most test system integrators are capable of building run-of-the-mill test systems, but won’t have the capacity or experience to undertake high-channel-count systems. These complex systems require an experienced integrator with success designing, testing, and deploying high-channel-count systems that are configurable, scalable, synchronized, and calibrated.


Custom Applications to Fit Your Needs and Challenges

G Systems has a skilled and experienced team of test system engineers who don’t shy away from complex measurement system projects. Our experienced team understands advanced system architectures and can customize software and equipment to fit your needs and challenges. We have designed systems with thousands of channels and a variety of custom applications, such as:

  • Analog Measurements
  • Digital Measurements
  • Ethernet Capability Measurements
  • Resistance Measurements
  • Pressure Measurements
  • Sound Measurements
  • Image Measurements


Our team knows the ins and outs of high-channel-count systems, which allows them to deliver a system that’s scalable and adaptable to your growing needs. We design and configure our systems to fit the needs of operators who don’t want to scan thousands of channels just to find a few channels of interest. With user-configurable displays, operators can customize their screens to fit their specific needs.


It’s important to calibrate and test your high-channel-count system so you have confidence that your test system is accurately working and to maintain system longevity. We can automate your self-test and the verification of end-to-end measurement path calibration to save you both time and money over the entire life of your system. We strive for accuracy in every system we build. We diligently test your system before shipment and installation to ensure proper test coverage and to avoid a downtime event.


Additional Resources

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For highly complex systems, data must be collected from multiple sensors potentially spread over a large area. But moving from a small number of data acquisition channels to a large number of channels is not as simple as just adding more channels. This whitepaper explores 5 best practices for designing, testing, and deploying high-channel-count systems that are configurable, scalable, synchronized, and calibrated. Download Whitepaper

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