make vs buy WP.pngMaking the decision whether to build your next test system using in-house resources or external contractors can be difficult. In a Build vs. Buy decision, the key drivers are often control and cost. Do you have control over your system at a cost that you can afford? Costs, timelines, and skill levels all come into consideration and a good case can be made for the value of outsourcing. 


Yet, if the thought of wholly turning over your test system development to an outside integrator is uncomfortable, perhaps co-sourcing will work best for you.

Co-sourcing leverages the best of both “build” and “buy” by creatively teaming with a system integrator to leverage expertise, improve efficiencies, and share risk.


This white paper discusses the key questions and ramifications to weigh, as well as what kind of help and risk mitigation you can expect from a qualified system integrator.


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