Taking a proactive approach to modernization vs. refreshing obsolete components

Obsolete components and systems can mean potential downtime and costly repairs. As system components age, slower execution and more frequent failures and errors may result in the need to retrofit existing hardware. When compatibility issues prevent the addition of new features into your system, or when aging systems become susceptible to cyber security threats, a full system upgrade may be needed. However, there are ways to proactively design a system with obsolescence avoidance in mind at the outset. This approach, which should start more than a decade before obsolescence is ever a real issue, makes managing aging systems far less expensive and time consuming.  


At G Systems, a systems integrator with decades of experience building and modernizing test systems for the aerospace and defense industry, our engineers develop systems built with obsolescence in mind from the beginning.


Here are some ways we can “Future Proof” your system:

  • Designing a modular system – so parts can easily be replaced and updated without overhauling the entire system
  • Utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and flexible software
  • Modernizing the operating system to extend the overall lifespan of your test system
  • Using abstraction layers and expansion slots
  • Setting a plan for preventative system maintenance and self-diagnostics


If you do find yourself at the point where obsolescence is unavoidable, G Systems can be your trusted partner in designing and building a solution. We can identify trouble areas as well as reusable components before developing a migration plan. If you want to expand your system's functionality and expand performance, G Systems can also add new components during a system upgrade.


If this is the first time your organization is thinking about these issues, it’s always best to create a plan to incorporate preventive action measure rather than waiting until a detrimental corrective action is necessary. In most cases, deferred maintenance has proven to be costlier than modernizing a system. No matter your path, it is imperative to glean experience from a system integration company with specific modernization experience like G Systems. 


White Paper:  A Complete Guide to Managing Obsolescence

 A complete guide to managing obsolescence

Organizations often only start thinking about obsolescence when issues such as machinery breakdowns or software security problems start to occur. These issues can easily sneak up on you with aging systems and, if ignored, can hinder productivity, result in costly downtime,  and take a lot of time and money to fix.    

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Case Study: Strategically Migrating the F-35 Vehicle Systems Integration Facility 

data acquisition system-569572-editedLockheed Martin Aeronautics  needed to update their integrated system that acquires various types of data in the F-35 VSIF. G Systems replaced obsolete hardware and reused key hardware and software to reduce costs and risks, while maintaining the existing system’s high flexibility, reconfigurable nature, and high channel count.  

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Blog Post: Behind the Scenes of Modernizing Lockheed Martin's F-35 VSIF


With more than 3000 analog, digital, and virtual channels, this highly scalable and reconfigurable system is responsible for simultaneously monitoring multiple aircraft sub-system integration tests and providing real-time data and analysis. But after 15 years, it was time to upgrade and G Systems was called on again to modernize this VSIF system. 

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