Instrumental to Your Output

The Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter protects sound and vibration sensor acquisitions from the unwanted effects of a parallel troubleshooting or diagnostic instruments. The Signal Splitter also provides buffered and unbuffered outputs connected to the same signal input. Up to 16 sensors, typically accelerometers, proximity probes, microphones, and pressure transducers, may be connected to the 16 signal inputs.


The 16 un-buffered (pass-through) outputs and 16 buffered outputs may be connected to acquisition hardware like the NI Dynamic Signal Acquisition Module. This device enables test engineers to connect external measurement instruments to the system for additional measurement functionality or diagnostics without affecting the process measurements on the primary system.


  • The box dimensions are 19” wide x 10.08” deep x 3.47” high.
  • Power comes thru an IEC320-C14 standard inlet with a range of 88-264VAC and 47-63Hz.
  • Power consumption is typically 8 watts.
  • The Dynamic Signal Buffered Splitter supports one sensor input ranges:  +/-30 VDC. 3dB bandwidth is DC-200KHz.
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