Flight Training Simulator DAQ System

G Systems’ solution included a full upgrade and modernization of a system for the leader in flight training and simulation resulting in improved longevity, reduced size, and creation of a new and efficient means to generate reports. Read more


Turnkey Radome Test System

The repair process for radomes necessitates an automatic testing solution that saves time, reduces error, and can make anybody a testing "wizard!" G Systems delivered a turnkey solution for one of its clients that reduces testing time, increases accuracy, and provides a full automation of the system. Read more


Portable, Rugged Natural Gas Compressor Tester

G Systems designed a lightweight, portable test system to automate testing, calculate performance parameters, and record data. This case study discusses the design and benefits of a portable, rugged NI CompactRIO-based system with LabVIEW Real-Time software used in the natural gas industry. Read More


F-35 Vehicle Systems Integration Facility Data Acquisition System

G Systems was presented with the challenge of developing an integrated system to acquire various types of data including: analog, digital , video and additional data transferred from other systems through reflective memory. Read More

A Test Cell for Mission-Critical Aerospace Gearbox Testing

Necessitating a conjuncture with an existing data acquisition control system and vibration monitoring system, G Systems built two PXI-based test cells for the Bell Helicopter 525 "Relentless" drive systems in order to streamline functionality and maintenance costs. Read More


Portable, Rugged Military Test Instrument

Testing military equipment in the combat field requires instruments providing time efficiency and architecture designed to withstand a ruggedly harsh environment. Increasing automation and eliminating unnecessary operator tasks streamlined the improved system. Read More


A Seat for Life - A Custom Life Test Platform for Recaro Aircraft Seating

G Systems and Recaro engineers developed a fully customizable control module to interface with a universal life-cycle test fixture for Recaro Aircraft Seating. Each life-cycle test requires specific setup conditions and different instruments and actuators for simulating a lifetime of wear and tear on aircraft seats. Read More


Common Core Production Test for RF and GPS

G Systems developed an automated common core production test system to test both an RF transceiver subassembly and it's mating GPS receiver and tracking controller assembly. Because test time drastically decreased, the customer could meet production requirements of thousands of units per week. Read More


Automated Testing of a Fiber Optic Distributed Antenna System

G Systems created an automated production test system to significantly reduce the test time and improve the test repeatability for a Distributed Antenna System product line. The use of LabVIEW allowed for automation of production quantities. Read More


Chemical Solution Concentration Measurement System

G Systems developed an automated measurement system to measure the concentration of a solution used in polishing integrated circuit connection points. Real time feedback enables the user to detect issues and intervene quickly before the process is impacted. Read More


Streamlining Calibration of Pressure Transducers For In-Flight Measurements

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company's Flight Test Instrumentation group certifies transducers for use on test aircraft like the F-16 Fighter.  In-flight measurement accuracy depends on the reliability and accuracy of the transducers tested and the administrative and technical data collected required a systematic database for efficiency.  Read More


Texas Tech VorTECH Tornado Simulator

As a leader in wind science and engineering research, Texas Tech University realized the need for better data and understanding of tornados and constructed a tornado simulator, VorTECH, the largest of its kind in the U.S. G Systems was hired to architect and build the software needed to properly analyze the data being captured by VorTECH. Read more


Performing a Multi-Million Dollar Upgrade for the U.S. Navy’s Vertical Launching System

G Systems an aging automated custom test fixture for the U.S. Navy’s MK 41 vertical launching system (VLS) that has more than 300 analog channels and providing a full wrap-around test system that covers more than 800 pointsRead More


Developing a Rugged, High-Speed Streaming Measurement System

G Systems developed a high-speed streaming measurement system for capturing pressure waves generated by explosions during structural blast testing. Requirements included the ability to collect 16 channels at 1 million samples per second simultaneously and high-speed cameras with configurable, delayed recordings. Read More

Self-Contained Counting Instrument for Automated Leak Detection

G Systems VLMS is a self-contained counting instrument for automated leak detection. The typical methods were costly, tedious and prone to human error – especially in the area of low-flow leak detection. A leading manufacture for large valves needed a more efficient and deterministic method to detect leaks. Read More


Automated Production LRU Test Station

G Systems developed a portable configurable production test station for testing a signal distribution box line replaceable unit (LRU) on the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (GMLRS) for the U.S. Army.  Read More


Rapid Development of Orion Structural Test Systems

NASA and Lockheed Martin engineers needed three test systems designed and delivered in a six month timeframe for performing structural tests on the Orion Multi - purpose crew vehicle. Broad engineering skill sets including mechanical, electrical, and software design were required for system development. Read more.


Using LabVIEW to Monitor Underground Electrical Distribution Vaults in Dallas, Texas

G Systems built and debugged a vault monitoring program with a sophisticated user interface of downtown Dallas for TU Electric.  The use of NI equipment uncovered signals lost for years and increased efficiency by allowing work crews to read alarm lists while in the field.  Read More


Hybrid Circuit Test - Flexible Production Test Software Design

The challenge with designing a flexible production test system is providing a software architecture that allows for quick test application development for a variety of products. To address this challenge, G Systems used NI TestStand and LabVIEW test sequences developed for one product and easily migrated those test sequences to support the development of many new products. Read More


Performing Propulsion Inlet Flow Distortion Pattern Assessment in Jet Engine Inlets

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company sought G Systems to improve their Portable Digital Data Acquisition System (PDDAS), used to observe air flow pattern distortions across the engine turbine inlet in real-time.  With the implementation of LabVIEW and National Instruments products, the technical demands were met while minimizing the development and integration risks into the previous system.  Read More


Wind Load Testing of Full-Scale Structures

Designed to acquire synchronized data such as wind speed, pressure, temperature, and strain from multiple platforms, G Systems developed a modular, expandable, and configurable data acquisition system for analyzing the effects of wind on civil infrastructures including a tower, a traffic signal light structure, and a building. Read More


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